Acupuncture for Mental Health

Acupuncture for Mental Health

Georgia Carr, MAOM, LAc

Are you tired of feeling tired and blue? Are you fed up with having to talk about emotionally painful stories again and again? Don’t get me wrong. Your story is very important. It is part of what makes you the strong and talented person that you are today. If you don’t feel like traditional counseling is right for you, or if you want some extra support for the psychotherapy that you are undergoing, acupuncture can help.

There are times when looking beyond the storyline can offer potent solutions. When anxiety and depression are affecting both your body and your mind, acupuncture can help.

7 reasons why you need acupuncture:

1.  Anxiety rules your day

2. You feel sluggish and don’t do the activities that used to bring you joy

3. Panic attacks keep you from socializing

4. You have trouble falling and staying asleep

5. You have trouble focusing at work

6. Stress is causing you physical pain

7. You feel angry or frustrated by minor inconveniences


Want to know more? Research provides insight.

A number of studies show that Acupuncture is as good as Psychotherapy for Depression.

Regular acupuncture treatments over the course of three months can significantly improve symptoms of depression.

While some people are able to get off of anti-depressant and anti-anxiety medications, others are not. Ask me about my story. I’d be happy to share!


For best results, stick with the program.

Acupuncture, like therapy, works best when used repeatedly. Best results are found with twice weekly treatments for one month, and weekly treatments for two to six months after. Maintenance care should is seen to optimize long-term results. Maintenance care typically requires one to two visits per month.

According to one study, neither counseling nor acupuncture outperformed antidepressants when discontinued. At 12 months after the study, there was no difference in effectiveness between the three groups (standard care, acupuncture, counseling). Acupuncture should be seen as a long term plan for care.

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