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Castor Oil Packs for Health

Castor Oil Packs- How to Make & Use Them Adapted from www.wellnessmama.com Castor Oil Packs Castor oil packs harness the anti-inflammatory and lymph stimulating benefits of castor oil when used externally. Castor oil packs have been used to help improve liver detoxification naturally, support uterine and ovarian health, improve lymphatic circulation and reduce inflammation. The […]

Gluten-Free Lemon Almond Pound Cake

I was recently at a coffee shop serving GF lemon pound cake made with almond flour… at 5$ a slice. For some reason I got it into my head that I MUST make this myself… but better, cheaper, and with less sugar. So I did. I must say, the results are fabulous! You should try […]

Yin & Pin was fabulous!

Thanks to everyone who came out for Yin & Pin last night! We had a fabulous group & great energy all around! Many thanks to Karma Yoga Center for hosting! Best wishes for the year of the Fire Monkey! Hope to see you all again next time!

Initial Acupuncture Treatment and Consultation $38!

Are you tired of experiencing pain, anxiety, or fatigue? Are you ready to feel AMAZING in 2016? Try acupuncture! Acupuncture can relieve many health conditions gently and naturally without the use of drugs or medications! If you’ve been curious about the benefits of acupuncture, now is the time to take the plunge! Receive your first […]

Save the Date! Yin & Pin!

Please join us for a relaxing and rejuvinating afternoon of yoga and acupuncture! A New Year’s Cleanse For Your Subtle Body Saturday, January 30. 4-6PM  Are you curious about acupuncture? Consider this a New Years cleanse for your subtle body. You will be guided through gentle, relaxed postures with the application of acupuncture. This process […]

The Needle Way to Fewer Wrinkles

Want to look your best and feel your best? Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine offer safe and effective ways to revive your complexion, decrease fine lines and wrinkles, all while getting your health back to it’s best! From the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) perspective, your face is a reflection of the state of your body, mind, […]

Yin Yoga & Meditation Workshop at Karma Yoga Denver

Yin Yoga & Meditation Workshop Saturday, September 19 5pm-7pm Replenish, revive, balance, and restore. Enjoy an introduction to yin yoga followed by instructions and practice of shamatha meditation. The insights and methods of Yoga, Buddhism, and Traditional Chinese Medicine will be interwoven to create a deeply integral practice. Yin yoga is a practice of long-held, […]

20 Healthy Habits To Get You Feeling Great Fast!

  You don’t have to exercise every morning before dawn or stick to nothing but salads — these simple tips will ensure you’ll be your healthiest, happiest, and most energetic yet. Even better? Being consistent with these small habit changes can lead to big results if you’re looking to lose weight. Get ready to feel […]