Conditions Treated

How I can help

Georgia Carr, LAc specializes in the treatment of:

Back Pain                                                    Sciatica                               Muscle strains

Neck tension                                              Shoulder pain                    Scar tissue

Anxiety                                                        Panic  attacks                     Insomnia

Tendonitis                                                   Hot flashes                        Stress reduction

Night Sweats                                              Neuropathy                       Muscle spasms


                               What to Expect


I specialize in helping adults are struggling to enjoy their favorite activities due to acute or chronic pain, anxiety, and hormone imbalances.  It can be depressing if you don’t have the energy for your favorite activities in your free time. I can help you get relief and love your life again!

Are You Here For Pain Relief?

Tigger point therapy (commonly known as dry needling) is a highly effective method of acupuncture that releases muscles that area chronically tight or in spasm. At Wellspring Natural Health, multiple areas of pain or injury can be treated in one session. A unique style of muscle release, thorough treatment of each target area provides immediate muscle release, improved circulation, and decreased pain.

Cupping is often used prior to trigger point therapy in order to increase range of motion, blood flow, and myofascial release.

Meridian therapy is used to balance the treatment, support deeper healing, and treat the root cause of disease.

Are You Here For Anxiety Relief?

Acupuncture has been time tested for the treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and feelings of panic. Scientifically proven, acupuncture helps to increase neurotransmitters such as serotonin and dopamine. The natural increase of these neurotransmitters in the brain helps with sensations of calmness, improved sleep, and decreased mental and physical experiences of stress.

Are You Here For General Wellness?

Are you looking to routinely support your immune system and general health? Chinese Medicine is most effective when used preventatively for optimal health and aging. Why wait for illness and disease to start caring for your body, mind, and spirit? Both traditional Chinese medical acupuncture and Esoteric Acupuncture can be used to improve overall health, wellness, and clarity of mind.

The Process

The process typically includes an initial appointment of 1.5hrs that incorporates a detailed health history, evaluation, treatment plan, and acupuncture treatment. Most subsequent visits last one to one and a half hours and include a 10 minute re-evaluation, acupuncture treatment, and cupping or guasha as needed. A bespoke formula of Chinese herbal therapy can also be prescribed and managed during your sessions.

Initially, weekly or bi-weekly visits are necessary to initiate healing and symptomatic relief. A simple condition may require 5 acupuncture visits, while more complicated and chronic conditions may require 6 months to a year of treatment.

For clients who wish to experience cupping therapy only, please call/text to schedule a 30min appointment.



Common obstacles that clients face during treatment are committing to the dietary and lifestyle changes needed in order to experience optimal health, consistency in taking prescribed herbal medicines, and finding time for acupuncture treatments.



During appointments, I am there to answer any questions and offer guidance to help you move easily towards your health care goals. For most individuals, a series of treatments is needed to achieve maximum health. It is not uncommon to feel a plateau in relief around the 2nd- 3rd treatments. This is completely normal. As you move forward with treatment, symptoms will continue to improve within a few weeks.


The goal of holistic medicine is to address the root cause of dis-ease, in order to restore health and eliminate symptoms. Because the body needs time to heal (this will vary depending on the severity of the issue) the process can take a few weeks to months of continued care in order to achieve the desired results. You will start to feel relief before your care is complete, and in order to maintain results, it is best not to discontinue treatment before your recovery has stabilized, or dismiss maintenance care. That said, the body has an immense capacity to heal itself, and most people are amazed by their potential for health!


Wellspring Natural Health is not currently accepting new patients for fertility treatments.

 For fertility assistance, please contact Acupuncture Denver.